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Go Cruelty Free in 2019

Its 2019, we are on the brink of Industry 4.0. We have seen unimaginable advancement in all industries and yet for some reason, the barbaric and completely unnecessary act of animal testing in the beauty industry is still the norm. Narcissistically, the human race continues to believe that we are so incredibly superior that our obsession with unattainable standards of beauty justifies the inhumane practice of animal testing.

The FAQ is always “why do some (most) companies continue to do just that when so many other companies have found alternative (and more reliable) methods of testing products and ingredients”. The answer is twofold:

1) Greed (to SELL in mainland China, it is mandatory for products to undergo animal testing). Unfortunately, too many companies would choose to contribute and inflict unimaginable suffering onto animals rather than doing ethical business and losing out on the entire market of China. Consequently, there’s not much industrial pressure for China to change their “compulsory animal cruelty” requirements.

2) Consumer Ignorance. We completely underestimate the power we have as consumers. The recipe is simple: consumers keep buying tested products, companies continue testing; consumers stop buying tested products, companies are forced to change their policies. If we continue to look the other way and support these companies because “it’s the best mascara out there”,  “I have used this all my life” or “everyone uses it” we are directly encouraging animal testing and brutality and indirectly paying for it.

Ready to reduce your “cruelty footprint”? Yes it’s a commitment, yes it takes time, yes I’ve had to give up some “cult faves” and YES its 100% worth it and I will never look back. If going Cruelty Free is your 2019 resolution, have a look at my recommendations below to make this shift  easier and more attainable.

How to go cruelty free in 2019

Know why

A goal without a reason will never become reality. Find what makes it important for you to stop supporting animal testing. I have two things that keeps me going. My beloved fur babies that serve as a reminder (would you test something on your pets if you knew it might cause them extreme pain, blindness, burns etc – if the answer is no, you probably won’t want to add to the funds that keeps this practice going). And secondly I realise that I am either in support of or fighting animal cruelty. There is no middle ground. If I chose to remain in denial I would be supporting brands that causes pain and suffering and then deceives their consumers with clever wording. I can never live with that on my conscience. No “beauty” can ever justify that. Have a look at the issues related to animal testing explained by BWCSA.

Do a stock take – become aware

Check what you have in your house. From skincare to detergents and makeup. Do you know how much of what you use every day was developed through animal testing? Not sure if its cruelty free or not? A quick google search will give you the answers. Type in the brand’s name and the words cruelty free next to it and hit search. Voila!! Make sure you hit up reliable sites here: I suggest Beauty Without Cruelty, Cruelty Free International, PETA, Leaping Bunny, Cruelty Free Kitty or Ethical Elephant. Alternatively, pop me a message at any time and I will do the research for you.

Start the process

And here the word ‘process’ is an important one. Its overwhelming to make a clean, cold-turkey (no pun intended) shift. Instead I suggest you finish what you have and when the time comes to replace any product, opt for a cruelty free alternative instead. I used to think some of the products I owned were irreplaceable but I have managed to find cruelty-free dupes that exceeded all my expectations. You’ll find it becomes quite addictive to support these ethical and sustainable corporates.

Be skeptical

So the brand’s website clearly states they do not test on animals…Keep reading. What you’re looking for is any hint of “except when required by law”. If the company’s products are sold in mainland China, they’re tested according to the legal requirements. So although the company itself might not be conducting the testing, they are allowing it. Note: If a company is made in China it does not mean they are tested on animals – only if they SELL in China.

Cruelty Free Brands I Swear By:

  • Oh so Heavenly (they’re great for deodorants, body sprays, hair care and body care)
  • Essence Cosmetics
  • Catrice
  • Ofra Cosmetics
  • Africa Organics
  • African Extracts Rooibos
  • Enjoy (Clicks)
  • Esse Probiotic Skincare
  • Hey Gorgeous
  • Good Stuff
  • Woolworths Beauty
  • Iwori
  • Milk Solutions
  • Lush
  • Labeille
  • Love My Skin
  • NYX Cosmetics
  • My Skincare Coterie
  • Skoon Skincare
  • Beautiful Earth
  • Better Earth
  • Earth Friendly (Woolworths – Household)
  • Green Pick n Pay (Household)
  • Back 2 Nature
  • Pure Beginnings
  • CocoBaci

If you decide to go cruelty free in 2019, please let me know. I would love to support you on this journey! Let’s make this the year we choose to make a difference.

Happy New Cruelty-Free Year!!

With love and light,


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