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Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands – SA & Beyond

My idea for a #CrueltyFreeFeb challenge originated to create awareness about the ease and possibility of choosing to only buy from brands that DO NOT TEST ON ANIMALS. With over 40 ladies pledging to join me during the month of February (on Instagram), I’m excited to see all the cruelty-free content that will be coming out of this challenge. Will you also be committing to only use and buy animal-cruelty-free products during the month of February?

I had numerous requests for a list of animal cruelty-free South-African and International cosmetic options. Which brings us to this post!

Please note: This is not a comprehensive list nor is it a static list. I will update it as and when necessary – so please also let me know if you spot anything that I have missed or that has changed. I also want to emphasise that while some of these brands have been certified to be cruelty-free by relevant authorities, others are listed purely based on the company’s word. I will therefore indicate which (and by who) companies have been certified. If no comment is added, the cruelty-free status has not necessarily been audited by authorities. This is often because applying for certification is voluntary – so just because a brand is not certified does not automatically mean that they test on animals or use ingredients that have been tested. They could also be cruelty-free.

You can also refer to the BWC Humane Guide for a list of all South African brands CERTIFIED by Beauty Without Cruelty or check the Leaping Bunny list for international brands CERTIFIED BY Leaping Bunny. Keep in mind though, unlike a BWC certification, Leaping Bunny allows brands to be listed even if they are owned by a parent company that tests other products on animals. Another authority is PETA, but their requirements are not as stringent as the aforementioned (no independent audits required).

As mentioned before this is by no means a comprehensive list. Cruelty Free Kitty is another brilliant website to check for the cruelty free statuses of brands.

So there you have it! Please feel free to leave me a comment if I missed a brand or if you want to ask about a brand not listed here.

Would you be interested in a similar post for brands that are NOT Cruelty-free? Let me know!

With love and light,


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  1. Raquel says:

    Dove has also announced their cruelty-free status as of late last year! Not sure if they are accredited by PETA or Leaping Bunny.

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