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LCN Haul and Event Feedback

Okay confession time… Until very recently I thought LCN still only catered for the “nails” market. So, today, I feel the need to apologize for my complete ignorance. And no, I’m not apologizing to you or even the brand. I have to apologize to myself because, boy, have I been missing out!!!

Nevertheless I was fortunate enough to be invited to the LCN event hosted by Cosmetique Distributors in Port Elizabeth in June. LCN also kindly gifted us with a goodie bag filled with LCN beauty products which I will be reviewing for you today.


Excitement doesn’t quite describe how I feel about discovering this brand. They offer quality, high-end beauty products that are CRUELTY-FREE. They are also expanding on their vegan products. If that wasn’t enough to convince me, LCN also state that they focus on providing “excellence in the Beauty Industry and empowering women to become the best they can be“. I mean…say no more!!! I’m here for it!49d374d2-72c3-405a-94cc-e13918445b0e

The two sisters, Lisa Fenner and Lea Castro,  owners of Looking Good LCN, make a remarkable team. At the event you could very much sense that LCN and its products are more than just a business. Looking Good LCN is very much run like a family, with respect and passion guiding every business decision.

LCN has branched out to include a wide range of products including nail, makeup, skincare, spa, hand and foot products. They also offer microblading and lash extensions.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about the products!

Photo 2018-07-03, 16 46 44

1. The LCN Fabulous Me Liquid Highlighter (Ltd Edition) –  Retails for R 796,90

Can you tell I’m in love? Thanks to Vano Photography for this beautiful shot

So if you follow me on Instagram, you already know about my love affair with this liquid highlighter. I use it on my face, shoulders or body and have even heard that some people use it in their hair for that extra healthy glow. I find many liquid highlighters slightly thick in texture which makes blending a bit more difficult. This one however has the texture of a liquid serum and blends like a dream (with your fingers or beauty sponge). It smells…amazing! You can thank the exotic, sensual scent of ylang ylang flower for that. And it is probably part of the reason I love covering myself with this stuff!

The shade is a bit dark for my very pale skin tone (specifically my face) so I either use it as bronzer/blush for a golden goddess kind of look or otherwise I just mix it in with my foundation. Then I just use a slightly lighter powder highlighter (over this) to accentuate my cheekbones etc. even more.

Sheer Rating: 5/5

Lilo gives his stamp of approval because it’s cruelty-free!  Photo cred: Vano Photography


2. The LCN Nail Polishes – Retails for R 136,20

LCN Nail Polish
From the La Belle Vie Collection

It’s no secret that LCN is known for their nail products, especially artificial nails. But how special can a normal nail polish be, right? VERY SPECIAL, I know that now. These nail polishes last on my nails for a week at a time with zero chips. (Keep in mind this might not last quite as long for everyone and depends on the oil production levels on your hands as well as how “hands-on” your daily life is). I used it without a base or top coat and still got a week’s wear out of it.

This polish takes away the one reason that I prefer gel to normal polish on my nails. It actually lasts – for more than a day or two! I (and I’m sure most of you) do not have the time or energy to paint my nails (don’t even get me started on nail art) IF I know it won’t even last me 48hours. Seriously, nobody got time for that! So this formula is a definite win in my books! The brush and formula also makes application quick and easy. All except one (the Creamy café au lait) of the 7 polishes that I tried had an opaque finish and only required one coat. I’m assuming, based on the name, the Creamy café au lait shade is meant to be less opaque than the others to give it that milky, creamy look.

Photo 2018-06-30, 18 02 21 (2)

Extra Brownie Points:

  • It’s VEGAN!
  • Free of the 7 Nasties (TPHP, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Releasers, Toluene, BHT (Hydroxytoluol), DBP, Camphor)
  • High opacity
  • Contains a precision brush
  • Fast-drying

Sheer Rating 4.5/5


3. The LCN Vanilla Sugar Lip Scrub (Ltd Edition)- Retails for R 252,20

Photo 2018-06-30, 17 15 35 (1)

We were able to try this rockstar at the event, and I was SOLD. I was ready to buy myself one and then saw LCN already blessed us with a tub. I have very dry lips and even more so during winter. I love that this not only gets rid of the dead skin cells but also nourishes and hydrates my lips. That’s a problem I have with so many other lip scrubs – they leave your lips still dehydrated. It’s a simple and affordable product that I think everyone needs. The fact that it tastes like sweets doesn’t hurt either.

Sheer Rating: 4/5


4. The LCN I Heart You Lipstick (Ltd Edition) – Retails for R 363,20

Photo 2018-06-30, 17 20 29 (1)

How beautiful? This is lovely for moisture and a very subtle pink tint but if you’re looking for a strongly pigmented soft-pink lipstick, this is not the one. It’s perfect for those “no-makeup”- makeup looks and feels great on the lips. Again, LCN does not disappoint with the scent. And with lipstick applied right under your nose, it is one of those items where scent really makes a big difference.

The packaging of this lipstick is lovely. The magnetic function makes sure that your lipstick does not go swimming around in your handbag with its lid having popped off…

Sheer Rating: 3/5

5. The Eyeshadows:

I tested two LCN eyeshadows: The LCN Special Mono Eyeshadow (first picture below) as well as the Smokey Grey Single (second picture below). Both of these were limited editions and don’t seem to be available online anymore but you might be lucky and find some of the stockists still have some.


I decided to include them anyway because generally if a brand gets eyeshadow right in one product, chances are there other eyeshadows will also deliver.

Did these deliver? Did they give me that highly sought-after shadow pigmentation?

Yas Girl!!! The matte black (in the mono) and the smokey grey (which has a definite shimmer to it) are both very pigmented (even without a shadow base, primer or wet brush). It also lasts so well! I actually went to gym with the swatches still on my arm because it wouldn’t rub off as most swatches do. Even after gym…you could still see where I swatched! The shimmery gold is slightly less pigmented and img_5581doesn’t apply as easily without a primer or wet brush. It is beautiful though and so, for me, 100% worth the tiny bit of extra effort.

Will I be purchasing eyeshadows from them in future? HELL YES!!! And a whole lot of other things.

Sheer Rating: 4.5/5



Would you like me to test more products from LCN? Let me know which ones! Also, if you own any of their products, let me know your favourites!

With love and light,




Photo 2018-06-30, 18 02 23 (2)

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  1. I didn’t know they make cosmetics either, so thank you for this 🙆🏽‍♀️♥️

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! They really have some amazing products!

  2. Magda Tolken says:

    This is the first time I hear about LCN products. And would really give it a try.❤️

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