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Huda Smokey Obsessions Palette {{REVIEW}}

 So before I jump into this review, allow me to introduce you to #InstaFamInvestigates:

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On that note, make sure you check out Simone and Siobhan’s reviews of Huda Obsessions Palettes at and . What’s great about this is that you get to hear from different gals, with different preferences, pet-peeves, skin types etc…Before making that investment. Yes, I did just call makeup an investment.

Let’s get into it…




The Purchase


The glorious Cult Beauty was having a sale…. I fell for it. I would be a bad beauty blogger if I didn’t, right? Lol #keeptellingyourselfthat. Point is, they were having free shipping and the palette was marked down to £17.71 so basically R300 – a STEAL!!

 The Packaging

The palette comes in a cardboard type packaging with two of my favourite things in an eyeshadow palette:

  • magnetic closure
  • mirror

I think my favourite part about this palette is how nice and compact it is – you can literally throw it in your little tote bag and off you go (clothed in strength and dignity, and a huda mirror palette)

The Quantity

Despite the palette being so small, the pans are regular Huda size which is really nice. I was worried when I realised just how small the pallete really is but the pan-sizes made up for it. I did notice that not all the pans were filled to brim – a major pet peeve of mine, especially with high-end brands. If we’re buying high-end, can you please fill up the pans to the high end? Just a little quality control…

The Shades 

The important part! 

The palette comes with 4 matte and 5 non-matte (some shimmer, some foil and some satin) shades. I have different thoughts on all of them so I’ve decided to break it down for you

Mattes :

Black – HIT, really good pigmentation on this one and has a nice buttery texture

Dark Brown – HIT, as above

Lighter Brown – MISS, I was so disappointed with how this one came out, I really liked how it looked in the pan but I just could not get the same look on my skin. I also didn’t experience this one to be buildable

Tan (transition shade) – MISS doesn’t even cut it. Again, it was one of the shades that I was particularly excited about.  I thought it would really bring out the colour of my eyes. Nope!! It didn’t bring out the colour of anything, it hardly showed up (with or without primer)


Shimmers :

Silver – HIT, beautiful foiled silver with some subtle glitter particles. I just wish I could get it directly from the pan to my eyelid with no middleman (brush or finger). The colour on my finger ends up looking much more WOW than what I can transfer onto my eyelid. But still a stunning shade!

Copper – HIIIIIIIIITTTTTT!!!! This is the showstopper! It is the most gorgeous foiled copper shade (top swatch)

Dark Brown  – Undecided, I’m not too fond of the texture and this one slightly stained my skin if I did not use it with a primer

Rose Gold (darker) – HIT, another gorgeous shade and stunning formula

Peachy-Rose gold (lighter) – HIT, slightly less pigmented than the other shades – gorgeous on the inner corner and below the brow. If I’m going for a very natural day time look, all I do is pop some of this on my lids.


Would I buy it again? At R300, probably yes…but definitely not for the full price. I would pay the R300 purely for the non-matte shades. Quite frankly though, for all but the copper shade, I have similar shades from Colourpop and Kangol that perform as well (except for the staying power), if not better.

Have you tried any of the Huda Beauty Obsessions Palettes? How did you find them?

With love and light,





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  1. I love your pictures Yolande! And the way you introduced the #Instafam.

    Enjoyed this review….I’m sorry you didn’t love it, but seems there are more hits than misses, so not a total regret purchase.

  2. Gorgeous review and pictures! I like how you broke down each shade, and I felt the same about the copper shade – love at first use, it applies so well it looks wet!

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