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Cruelty Free Christmas Wishlist

Dear Santa,

My wish this Christmas (and for those to come) is the complete cessation of animal testing by ALL brands…

Until that happens, please take note of my Cruelty Free Christmas Wishlist – a collection of cruelty free products that I do not own yet but have major feels for. Please note: only two or three of the products (the Mio Skincare Liquid Yoga, the Kiki Beauty Rose Wax Lip Balm & the So Soft Cuticle Oil) are ones that I already own (they are here because I fear the day I run out of them and so I wouldn’t mind a back-up).

For deets on my lust-worthy, cruelty-free desires, keep reading…

From left to right on the picture:

Iwori Facial Renewal Serum (Baobab) 50ml R259 or on 3for2 sale at Clicks

This new brand has me on the edge of my seat. It’s proudly South African, 100%vegan and cruelty-free, nasties-free, sustainably-sourced and organic! I mean, do I have your attention?!!

This serum promises a youthful, radiant glow by targeting fine lines, wrinkles and dry skin. Aren’t we lucky to              have such amazing natural ingredients, such as Boabob, right on our doorstep in SA?

Dermalogica Ultimate Cleanse and Glow Trio – on sale for R 1 480 at

Dermalogica has been on my beauty bucket list for AGES. What better time to try them out than now with their holiday gifts on major sales? This set includes the precleanse, special cleansing gel and daily microfoliant at a fraction of their normal prices.

Urban Decay Born To Run Palette – R800 at 

Does this even need justification? The fact that I don’t have this yet makes no sense! Ps Santa, keep an eye on  Foschini for a sale on their beauty products again soon…

Babor Active Purifier AmpoulesR444 for 7 ampoules at

Ampoules used to be a salon luxury, not anymore. Babor brings the ampoule magic packed with concentrated ingredients into your home. And I want in… . The Active Purifier targets and prevents blemishes, spots, blocked pores and blackheads.

So Soft Cuticle Oil (@so_soft_skincare)R50 DM @so_soft_skincare

I am busy testing this product and my cuticles have already softened. I also use it on the rest of my hands and it has offered so much nourishment to the sensitive and dry skin on my hands. It is all natural, cruelty-free and manufactured in my hometown, Port Elizabeth. Perfection.

Juliette Armand, Elements, Retin C serum – currently on sale for R161,50 at

This is the only brand stocked by Poise Brands that I have not yet used and this seems like the perfect product to start with. It contains highly concentrated retinol (vitamin A) and vitamin C (which is said to remain active on the skin for 8 days after you apply it).  This serum serves as an antioxidant and a revitaliser for the skin and offers great anti-aging benefits.

Canon EOS M100 Mirrorless Camera With 15-45mmR 5989 at

I think this one speaks for itself. It is known as one of the most popular cameras for content creators and has the rotatable LCD screen that is every #makeuplook creator’s must-have. I’m sure this is cruelty free…right?

Esse Sensitive TonerR320 at or your local stockist (for PE: Flourish 072 291 1333)

If the Esse products that I already have are anything to go by (and they are) then I don’t think I can survive without this toner for much longer. I have heard miracle stories especially from people who suffer from very sensitive skin, red and irritable skin, eczema and rosacea. I love that this toner can be used all over your body and I know some moms even use this on baby’s rash! It contains probiotics and ensures equilibrium in the skin’s microbiome. You can read more about Esse’s use of probiotics here.

The Final Straw (copper straws) – R150 at

The days of plastic straws are over and if you do not want to get caught with a mushy paper straw, this is the way to go…These copper straws are not only eco-friendly but they also look amazing and take any drink from zero to 100 real quick!

The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing ButterR220 or 3for2 at

The struggle of makeup removal…my poor sensitive skin cannot stand it. But this sounds like it may just be the answer to my unspoken prayers. I have seen so many people fall in love with this product so I’m pretty confident that it will change my cleansing game too.

The Body Shop Banana Hair Mask R170 at

Blonde hair…damaged hair…I need all the help I can get. First of all this mask is 100% vegan. Secondly, The Body Shop claims the Community Trade organic banana puree enhances the nourishment and shine of the hair. Sounds good to me! I am well aware of the benefits of bananas for hair, but I’m not about to mush a banana over my head so this is the perfect alternative.

Mii Cosmetics Celestial Skin ShimmerR621 at

Oh how I’ve come to love this brand. I reviewed their foundations here. Their Eye Colour Crayons also changed my life (no but seriously, its so quick and easy). This beautiful shimmery bronzey blush seems like the ultimate glow product to add to my summer faves. I must admit, the way this is packaged definitely played a role in my choice of this wishlist-worthy item.

Mario Badescu Facial SprayR275 at

What kind of beauty blogger doesn’t own a MB spray?! This is a cult favourite and I cannot wait to jump on this lavender bandwagon too. The purple one contains aloe, chamomile and lavender – perfect for sensitive, dry, tired, irritated and dull-looking skin. I hear this works well as a makeup spray as well and helps achieve a more smooth, flawless and glowy look.

Kangol Face GemsApprox. R90 at Truworths In-store only

I’m heading to Ultra SA next year, that’s enough of a justification to get more of the face gem variants right? I have an iridescent one and I’m obsessed! This really is such a nice stocking filler for girls.

Mio Skincare Liquid YogaR725 at

This is one of those that I already have…but I think I might actually burst into tears the day I run out. The liquid yoga is a mixture of essential oils and mineral salts that gets added to your bath water to soothe sore and tired muscles. This does wonders after a workout but for me the real magic happens when I get into a hot bath infused with liquid yoga during a fibromyalgia flare. This really is a stunning product.

Skin Republic 24K Gold Peel-Off MaskR67 at

Round of applause to Skin Republic for being one of only a few drugstore mask brands that is cruelty-free! I have eyed this mask for the longest time. I mean, who wouldn’t be intrigued by a skincare product that has gold on the list of ingredients?! This one is formulated for anti-aging benefits.

Heliocare Gelcream ColourR350 at

If you have ever been on the hunt for the best sunscreen, chances are you have heard of Heliocare. I only recently heard that they are cruelty free and now I am super keen to get my hands on this multipurpose one that provides not only SPF protection but also a bit of coverage so you can skip the daily foundation process.

Kiki Beauty Rose Wax Lip BalmR180 at (regular sales)

Another one of my can’t-live-without-this products…Trust me, this rose wax balm is unlike any other lip balm formula and the results are also extraordinary. I was hesitant at first to pay R180 for lip balm, but the tube lasts forever because you really only need to apply every 6-8hours, unlike the countless drugstore lip balms (many of which actually dehydrate your lips). I would buy this again in a heartbeat.

Skinny Tan Dual Tanning Mitt – R129 or 3for2at 

I’m blessed with the palest of skin that either stays white or goes red when it sees the sun. The only way to achieve legs that do not glow in the dark (in broad daylight) is with a little help from tanning products. This mitt is ideal for even application and is lined so that the product does not soak through and stain your hands. Why has no-one thought of this before?

Cala Urban Studio Eye Brush SetR99 at

We all know that Cala wows with high-end quality brushes at incredibly affordable prices. Combine that with the beautiful black-and-gold design of this set and you have something entirely irresistable! Cheers to synthetic bristles!!!

Huda Beauty Nude PaletteR1300 at

The talk of the past few months…Huda does it again but this time with the most beautiful combination of shades. I fell in love with the look of this palette since the very first sneak peak dropped. Unfortunately at this price point (thanks to our brilliant exchange rate) I just cannot justify it. Especially after ordering a Morphe palette (with almost double the number of pans) at a third of this price. Unfortunately it doesn’t get close to these gorgeous mauve and crystal-like shimmer shades.

Lush Magic Crystals Shower ScrubR190 at

This lust-worthy lush-goodie got me hooked when I tested it in store. The scent, the sensation, the after effects…I cannot explain it. Do yourself a favour and go test this one in store. Warning: You probably won’t be walking out without your own. Yes Santa, that includes you.

Milk Solutions Milk & Honey Hand and Elbow Balm – R284 at

Another pride-inducing South African brand is Milk Solutions. Taking it back to basics with natural ingredients, they are quickly becoming a favourite both in salons and households. My elbows are extremely dry and I have tried so many different things that I think it might be time to leave it up to the basic originals to do their thing. No pressure, honey.

Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer – Available at selected Dischem Stores 

For some bizarre, unknown reason, Physician’s Formula is not stocked in Port Elizabeth and I have not been able to find the Butter Bronzer online either. So Santa, I know you’ll be travelling quite far, please stop by a Dischem outside the Eastern Cape and grab this one for me.

Chick Cosmetics Microfiber Beauty SpongeR100 each

Microfiber??? Like a new age beauty sponge? I have to try this. Chick has been slaying with the most stunning cruelty free products and we are here for it! Hint, there’s a giveaway heading to my account today where you can win yourself some of their revolutionary products – don’t miss it!

OhSoHeavenly Hair Scensations Nourishing and Repairing Treatment Mask – on sale for R40 at

I turn to OhSoHeavenly for all my cruelty free needs and they really have stepped up their game in the past year or two. Do not let the affordability fool you, most of their products perform even better than my higher-end options. I love their detangling argan oil and I have a feeling this mask might be just the one that deserves a spot next to it in my cupboard.

Esse Sensitive SerumR700 at or your local stockist (for PE: Flourish 072 291 1333)

My reasons for including this one are pretty much the same as for the Esse Sensitive Toner. The two products are bound to complement one another beautifully and achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Chuckles Holiday TreatsR200 at

Christmas without Chuckles? I think not! Woolworths now also have the most beautifully packaged Holidays Treats chuckles options and it will probably end up being a ‘from me to me’ gift for many. I think these would also look great as part of the decor on the Christmas table.

So that rounds up my cruelty-free, Christmas wishlist.

I would love to know if there’s anything on here that you are dying to get your hands on or maybe already have? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Happy Shopping

With love,

















































































































































































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